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March 1, 2017

On March 1st, the State of Ohio was born.  

So was I.

Growing up on a small family farm in Marysville, there wasn't a day that went by where I did not witness the spirit and optimism of her people.

Ohio has been at the forefront of America’s history and innovation over its 214 years in our Republic. From its status as the “Mother of Presidents” to being the first in flight and the first in light, we have much to celebrate in calling our Buckeye State home.

Our beloved Ohio has been a leader in allowing the voices of our citizens to be heard in our democracy. As a little girl, I can recall sitting around the kitchen table and discussing the issues of the day. In my family, we were encouraged to get involved in the process and let our opinions be expressed.

We may have not always agreed on the best course forward even at that kitchen table, yet I cherish the memories of those times and value that encouragement to speak out.

We are so fortunate to live in a state and nation where our voices can be heard whether we agree or disagree. The most important way we have our voices heard is through our right to vote. This is our sacred path to shape our Ohio and our United States of America.

In the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, the individual who is honored to serve in that role is charged with being a custodian of democracy. It is the Secretary of State who must ensure that our elections are fair, open, and handled with integrity. It is that office’s responsibility and duty to facilitate an environment where all of Ohio’s citizens are given the right to have their voices heard.

It is also the Secretary of State’s responsibility to provide a gateway for our new and existing businesses to thrive. This office can and should be a partner in easing the burdens that can often cause heartache among our business leaders both small and large. The Secretary of State's office can and should provide a helpful and guiding hand for Ohioans looking to start a business. After all, registering a business in Ohio is much more than signing a piece of paper. It is registering a dream to thrive in our beloved state, which allows the millions they employ to thrive as well.

The Secretary of State's office is vital in those ways and many more - in allowing Ohioans their constitutional right to vote and to allow Ohioans to forge their own path in achieving their dreams.

On that farm in Marysville, my family instilled in me that you can achieve your dreams with hard work, faith, and that optimistic Buckeye spirit. It is that spirit that lived within the first American to orbit the Earth and walk on the moon. It is that spirit that inspired great leaders to serve in the highest office in our land and take to our skies against difficult odds.

Today, we celebrate the birth of this wondrous Ohio. On this date that I am lucky to share that date of birth with, I announce that I am running to be her next Secretary of State.

I promise to bring that strong work ethic, faithful spirit, eternal optimism, and Buckeye pride to the position every day.

As another Dorothy famously said - “There's no place like home!”

I could not agree more.

"This is our sacred path to shape our Ohio and our United States of America"

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